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capparis spinosa

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Botany  and Taxonomy


Division:    Anthophyta
Class:         Magnoliopsida
Sub Class: Dilleniidae
Order:       Capparidales
Family:    Capparidaceae (oralternatively Capparaceae)
Genus:     Capparis
Species:   spinosa

The plant caper binomial name :Capparis Spinosa is the native plant of the hot regions  western and central parts of the Asia.
because of important pharmaceutical and nutritive features like improving liver and disinfecting kidney, urinary tract and refreshment of the body, contains valuable benefits.
It also has been used in old Greek and Arab medicine.
It was popular as a purifier element of the spleen in Traditional medicine of the ancient Iran.


English:      caper, caperberry, caperbush
French:       câprier, câpres, fabagelle, tapana
German:     kapper, Kapernstrauch
Italian:        cappero, capperone (fruit)
Russian:      kapersy
Hungarian: kapricserje
Arab:            kabar


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